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Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

lyrics burgerkill-house of greed

You're House Of Greed
Fake Smilese Surround Me All Day
Selfish Lies You're Set Out To Prove
... Now You Pretend To Care
You Pretend To Feel What I Feel
The Whole Things Just A Pack Of Lies
This Constant Bullshit
Fuck Your Selfisness I Fuck Your Greed
Your Time Seems To Be Wasted
No One Will Trust You
No One Will Pick You Up
Yo Have No Shame
I You Have No Shame
Anger, Hatred, The More
I See The More I Hate
In This Raging War
You Offered The Truth
You're Acting Like I'm A Deaf And Bund
You Just Care About Your Self
What Do You Expect From Me ?
I'm Not Your Fucking Path To Chose
You Can't Change Me
You Never Dare
How Hard You'll Try To Broke My Faith
And Seize My Soul
i'll Never Give It,
Don't You Ever Try It
As I Close My Eyes
I can't See It Now
There's No One Will Follow You Down
My Heart Bleed A Thousand Timer
I Will Not Let You Tak Our Blood

I Will Destroy Anything You've Got
Too Much Crap And Bad Drama That
We See From Your Side
My Blood, My Flesh, My Dignity
Give Me Strength To Force You Out
You're The House Of Greed,
Fuck You !!!